Replace or Repair Dentures for a Comfortable Fit


As we age, our mouths change, and this can cause your dentures to feel uncomfortable and not fit properly. This is a good sign that you need to be fitted for a new set.

Everyone is a little different, but a good rule of thumb is that dentures should be replaced every 3-8 years. If you think now is the right time to replace your dentures, begin by consulting your dentist.

Replacing Your Dentures

Whether you’re looking for your first set of dentures or your current pair no longer fits, GVR Dental and Orthodontics can help. While there are other options, like implants and bridges, many patients enjoy the convenience, flexibility, and safety of dentures.

Partial Dentures

Removable Partial DentureThis is a comfortable and secure option for those who are missing only a few teeth. Partial dentures are suspended over remaining teeth, concealing any gaps that may exist.

Complete Dentures

Full Denture

If you are missing all or most of your teeth, or have gaps on both upper and lower portions, complete dentures may be a great fit for you. Using suction, dentures hold themselves in place. These are easy-to-use, but require regular dental checkups to ensure they still fit well.

Need a New Set of Dentures?

Whether you’re looking for replacement dentures, or need to be fitted for your first set, our full outfit of dental professionals will ensure that the process runs smoothly. When you join the GVR Dental & Orthodontics family, you gain access to a one-stop shop for dental services. You can schedule an appointment online, or by giving us a call at 720-539-7678.