Orthodontic Services

Straighter Teeth, Healthier Smile

Our one-stop dental service include orthodontics. With us, there is no need to travel all throughout Denver with referrals. You or your child can undergo your orthodontic treatment right here in our office.

Orthodontics for Children

Girl with BracesMost dental professionals recommend that children see an orthodontist before turning 7. Since permanent molars and incisors have typically grown in by this time, orthodontists can usually determine whether treatment will be required down the road.

Your child will meet with our in-house orthodontist, who will use professional insight to set a plan in motion that will guide your child’s smile to perfect alignment. This is often done through two-phase treatment. By beginning treatment early, you will be helping to:

  • Eliminate abnormal swallowing or speech problems.
  • Gain space for permanent teeth.
  • Avoid the need for permanent tooth extractions.
  • Correct thumb-sucking.
  • Regulate the width of the upper and lower dental arches.
  • Reduce the likelihood of impacted permanent teeth.

While it may be a few years until orthodontic treatment begins, it helps to get a plan in place.

Orthodontics for Adults

Misaligned teeth aren’t solely a cosmetic issue. If your teeth are not aligned properly, this can lead to your teeth wearing down too quickly, as well as causing bone and gum loss. Jaw problems and headaches are other unwanted results of a crooked bite. Orthodontics aren’t reserved for children and teenagers. You’re never too old to correct your smile.

Options for Orthodontics

Braces: This is most commonly used in children, most often between the ages of 9 and 14. Every case is unique, but braces typically stay on for 1-2 years.

Invisalign®: This is a popular option among adults. Invisalign is a treatment that involves wearing invisible braces on the teeth, offering more flexibility for patients. The treatment also tends to be faster, but requires a great deal of self-discipline, so it isn’t the best choice for children. Learn more. 

Schedule an Orthodontic Consultation

Working with GVR Dental and Orthodontics gives you access to flexible scheduling and a comprehensive staff that includes endodontists and periodontists. No matter what type of dental treatment you need, our office can help. To get started, schedule your appointment online or call 720-539-7678.