Can I Get a Dental X-Ray While Pregnant?

October 25, 2017

Regular Dental X-Rays are Safe and Important for Your Health During a Pregnancy

When you get pregnant, major changes occur in your body. All these changes in your mood, hormones, and body can make your teeth an afterthought.

Despite this, your teeth are an important part of your health and you should give them some love! As your body changes, fluctuations in your hormones affect your oral health. It’s important to carefully monitor all aspects of your health while you’re pregnant. This includes your pearly whites! Keep reading to learn GVR Dental and Orthodontic’s tips for keeping them healthy all throughout your pregnancy.

What Changes Do I Need to Make in my Oral Care While Pregnant?

Oral health rules for pregnant woman aren’t all that different from oral health rules for everyone else. The main cornerstone of good oral health while pregnant is still brushing twice a day and flossing daily.

You’ll also need to make visits to your dentist twice a year—and you should get X-rays if your dentist recommends it. Without an X-ray, we can only see the surface of your teeth, but there is a lot to see beneath it. Catching problems early can be the difference between a routine procedure and something more serious.

Oral X-Rays Are Safe for Pregnant Women

Contradictory to popular belief, the radiation in X-rays is minimal, and it isn’t risky for pregnant woman or their babies. Even though there is very little radiation, your dental professional will cover your body with a protective apron to keep the small amount of radiation from affecting your body or its precious cargo.

Changes in Your Body Can Put You at Greater Risk for Decay

Pregnancy Gingivitis: Fluctuations in your hormones can cause swelling and inflammation in your gums, known as pregnancy gingivitis. Not only is this uncomfortable, but it could lead to more serious problems if left untreated.

Dietary Changes: Eating for two means that you need to increase your consumption of carbohydrates. This is necessary to keep your strength during your pregnancy, but carbohydrates are not the best thing for your teeth.

Brushing Can Fall to the Wayside: During your pregnancy, your oral hygiene likely isn’t perfect. Symptoms like sore gums, heightened gag reflex, and increased fatigue can make brushing your teeth the last thing you want to do.

Morning Sickness: Many pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting, for seemingly no reason, especially during the first trimester. This typically happens in the morning, but not always. When you vomit, the corrosive acid from your stomach travels into your mouth where it can cause damage to your teeth.

A Proactive Approach is Important

Without an X-ray, your dentist won’t be able to do a total evaluation on what’s going on in your mouth, so they won’t be able to fix things before they become a problem.

You will want to settle oral health issues as early in your pregnancy as possible. While oral health procedures are safe to undergo at any time during your pregnancy, the procedure will be much more comfortable in the early stages.

We hope you stay comfortable and healthy during your pregnancy!