Fall Sports Smile Protection

August 29, 2019

Mouth guardsNow that it’s back to school season, fall sports are starting up again! Sports like football, soccer, volleyball, field hockey and more are great ways to stay active even as the weather is cooling down. Unfortunately, these sports can also be a great way to damage your teeth.

An estimated 39% or more of dental emergencies are the result of a sports injury. These injuries can be extremely painful and cause long-term damage that require costly repairs. Luckily there are measures you can take this fall to protect your teeth and prevent a dental emergency.

Mouth Guards to Save Your Smile

For any sport that involves blows to the head or flying equipment, dentists recommend using a mouth guard. These are designed to cushion your teeth against anything your face may come in contact with. You also will want to wear one while engaging in any activity that has a high chance of falling to prevent your teeth from forcefully tapping each other when you hit the ground. If you don’t wear a mouth guard, you run the risk of chipping, breaking or even losing teeth.

Athletes who participate in fall sports, including football, soccer, field hockey and volleyball, should be sure to wear a mouth guard so they can focus on the game while keeping their teeth safe.

Don’t Forget Your Helmet!

In addition to mouth guards, some sports and activities like football and cycling require even more protection. According to the Safe Kids Worldwide organization, helmets are 85% effective at preventing head injuries. They also help to protect your teeth and jaw by displacing the impact of a potential fall. Combined with a mouth guard as an added precaution, you’ll be doing everything you can to minimize damage.

Still, as many as 50% of children don’t wear helmets while biking, according to the Safe Kids organization. As a parent, you will want to make sure your child wears their helmet every time they get on a bike or play a dangerous sport so that their smile stays healthy and in tack for years to come.

For more information, check out Colorado’s bike laws and safety tips to make sure you and your family are aware of how you can stay safe.

Consult with Your Dentist

Before fall sports are back in session, it’s a good idea to talk with your dentist about safety measures your child can take, like getting fitted for a mouth guard that’s customized just for them.

Many times mouth protection is not required, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get ahead of the curve! Your kid may not love how they look wearing one, but they’ll be even less happy with the look of their teeth after an injury. Remember, if you have any questions about mouth protection, we’re always here to help.