Holiday Foods to Avoid This Season

December 10, 2018

Eat, drink, and be merry–but do so cautiously! Many of the foods and drinks we love during the holidays aren’t the best for your smile.

We want to make sure that all of our patients ring in the new year with their pearly whites intact, so we’ve created this guide to choosing healthy foods at holiday parties.

Foods to Limit at Holiday Parties

Eggnog with cinnamon for Cristmas and winter holidaysEggnog: It saddens us to place eggnog on the top of this list, but cream, sugar, and alcohol is a recipe for tooth decay. Alcohol dehydrates you, so your salivary glands don’t function at their best. We need our saliva in order to rinse our teeth and help to keep them clean.

Meanwhile, the thick blend of cream and sugar clings to your teeth, where sugar in the eggnog feeds the bacteria so they can run wild and corrode your teeth.

Candy Canes: Think about that sticky mess that covers your face when you eat candy canes. The same thing is going on inside your mouth, where the sugar can do serious damage to your pearly whites.

Carbonated Drinks: In addition to the sugars in champagne and soda, the actual bubbles pose an issue. Carbon dioxide is used during the carbonation process, and when you ingest this ingredient, your saliva converts it into a type of acid that is corrosive to your enamel.

Caramel: It’s not hard to imagine how this sticky, sugary food is damaging to your teeth. That sticky goo works its way into the crevices in your mouth where it helps the bacteria in your mouth to thrive.

Feel Free to Indulge in These Holiday Treats

roasted turkeyTurkey: This holiday staple is loaded with tooth-healthy phosphorous. Dig in!

Nuts: Grab yourself a handful of this nutrient-dense snack. Nuts are rich in calcium and offer the bonus of manually scrubbing plaque off of your teeth as you bite in.

Veggies: These are great any time, but they can come in particularly handy after you’ve finished eating. Since they require a great deal of chewing, veggies up your saliva production, which we know helps rinse acid and bacteria out of your mouth.

Cheese: In addition to its high calcium content, cheese boasts antibacterial qualities and low pH balance. All these factors make this a great choice for your smile.

At the end of the day, it’s the holidays, and we know that sharing favorite treats with loved ones is a special part of the season. if you need to eat one of our forbidden foods for your holiday to feel complete, feel free. Just be sure to follow it up with a good brushing 30 minutes after.