What Can Saltwater Rinses Do For You?

May 17, 2021

Woman doing a saltwater rinseThroughout different points in your childhood, you may recall gargling with saltwater to reduce swelling or relieve some sort of intense pain. What you may not know, is that saltwater rinses have many other benefits too. Defeating the pain of the loss of a tooth is only one of the many added benefits to rinsing with saltwater.

5 Benefits to Saltwater Rinses

  1. Stop growing bacteria. Overgrowth of bacteria in the mouth contributes to development of sicknesses. A bacteria infested mouth is the perfect home for bad bacteria to thrive. Saltwater rinses help fight the bacteria that creates sores in the mouth as well. They also prevent scratchy throats and sickness.
  2. Gingivitis. Preventing gingivitis can be challenging, but saltwater rinses are known to do the trick! The bacteria contained in saltwater breaks down different foods and particles remaining in between your teeth.
  3. Address bad breath. Mouthwashes are typically alcohol-based, and depending on the individual, some can even cause bad reactions. A saltwater rinse will help fight bad breath by killing any unwanted bacteria so you can look forward to fresh breath.
  4. Cheap natural alternatives. It’s easy to find salt on a shelf at any store. Salt is a commonly found ingredient in the home too, which makes it an inexpensive alternative for common dental hygiene issues.
  5. Calm a sore throat. Colds and sore throats are common to develop as the seasons change. Using a saltwater rinse can easily soothe an inflamed sore throat to keep you feeling good year-round.

Visit Your Local Dentist

Incorporating saltwater rinses into your in-home oral care routine can help you keep your mouth in top shape! Be sure to visit your local dentist to ensure your oral hygiene is progressing.

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